Monday, 11 August 2014

11th August 2014 Practically Perfect Peugot 11

First ride out today on the renovated Peugot. I bought this a few months ago for £20 and inbetween moving house business have renovated it. It has been rebuilt, resprayed and a few parts have had to be purchased. The rear wheel has been a nightmare, 5 speed wheels are hard to come by but a friendly bike dealer renovated the axle and fitted new sprockets. Good job really as the old ones were clapped out and were far too highly geared. Took it out along the prom and over the hill to Sand Bay and came back through Kewstoke.

Heading out along the prom saw the donkeys on the beach. The weather the last couple of days has not been too brilliant and with far fewer kids occupying the beach these fellows have had a bit of a lazy time. Why not, they deserve carrying hordes of kids about all through the summer.

Sand Bay
Rode out past the old pier towards Kewstoke and dropped down into Sand Bay. The bike seems to be going OK. The chain came off going up a hill but that was operator error, just have to get used to changing gear on the frame not on the handlebars.  At the end of Sand Bay which is a SSSI there is this area of marshland, might get some decent bird watching in around here.

New Inn Kewstoke

As the bike seems OK, extended the ride a bit to include Kewstoke village. This is the central pub which advertises fairly cheap meals and loads of card tournaments, poker, crib etc. May be worth a viist one evening.  A bit hilly is the climb through Kewstoke so a good test for the drive mechanism on the Peugot.

Temporary Lifeboat Station

The official site for the lifeboat is on the old pier which has not been used since 1996 and is a bit dilapidated to say the least. This temporary home is at the north end of the promenade.

Met up with Tom from Cheddar on the way back. He is a keen cyclist who lives near Cheddar and perhaps we cam meet up there and check out the best tea spots.  All in all the bike went well. Just over 11 miles, no real problems at all. The tyres are a bit fat though, they are hybrids, will have to change them at some stage.

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