Friday, 8 August 2014

Catch up

Sorry folks, not been able to get out much this week. What I did promise was that pictures I took on my second ride in Weston are now available. So, here is the stuff I took on the 27th July on a trip around Sand Bay just north of Weston.

Windswept tree

Quite a common site along this coast. The prevailing south west wind has a profound effect on the growth of this tree, a hawthorn I think.

Birnbeck Pier
This now derelict pier is just north of Weston and is the only one in the country that connects the mainland to an island, Birnbeck Island.  It is a grade 2 listed building which has been closed since 1994 and is due to be developed when the council and the owners unlock horns. It used to be a boarding point for steamers plying their trade in the Bristol Channel, and is still home to the Lifeboat Station, in theory anyway.

Bus Rally

Going back along the front, their was a rally of old buses. This is my pick of the bunch and thanks to the steward for holding the bike. I dont think the owner would have appreciated me leaning it up against this gleaming machine.

That folks, is an an update of photos that was promised.

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