Thursday, 17 July 2014

17th July 2014 Memorial Park Meander 9

Not so much time today, went out this afternoon with Mick and confined our ride to the southern side of Coventry. We had planned a ride to Charlecote so that Mick could put his new road bike through its paces but that will have to wait for another day. Unfortunately, when I met Mick at the usual bridge it was evident that the front tyre on my bike was going down. Pumped some air in and with crossed fingers, made off for the Memorial Park in Coventry.

Electric bus

Going into the Memorial Park in Coventry we noted that the Park and Ride facility has been discontinued but regular bus operators still offer a service from the park and they pick up as they go through. It looks like one of the local operators is taking advantage of the charging facility that is in the bus park to energise their buses. Regular readers may recall I did ask what these boxes were for some time ago. Now you know.

 Calamity times Two

Going round the outskirts of the park it was evident that the tyre would not last the journey despite repeatedly pumping it up. Time to change the tube although the spare had been repaired before.

Cattle trough

Well spotted Mick. The inscription on the front of this cattle trough reads,'METROPOLITAN  DRINKING FOUNTAIN AND CATTLE TROUGH ASSOCIATION." I googled the name, not expecting to find anything and was surprised to find it still exists, but now it is called the Drinking Fountain Association (DFA).
Originally, it was set up in London in 1859 by An MP, Samuel Gurney and a barrister, Edward Thomas Wakefield. It later included cattle troughs to support animal welfare in 1867.
The DFA still builds fountains and has been awarded Lottery Grant money. It builds drinking fountains in schools, restores existing fountains and provides wells and other water projects in developing countries.
Check out Mick's new bike, a refurbished Raleigh.

Visit by HRH

Coventry's War Memorial Park has become the first of 500 parks to be awarded special status to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I. To mark the occasion the Duke of Cambridge, aka Prince William laid a wreath at the memorial yesterday. It has been guarded by an ex serviceman but a few minutes after this was taken it was removed, whether for the night or permanently not clear.

It was at this point it was time to capitulate on the puncture issue as the second tube failed. 9 miles covered and only about 6 miles from home. Mick kindly fetched his car and gave me a lift home, which was much appreciated. Whilst waiting for the assistance, I was forced into going into the cafe in the park and having tea and biscuits. I was also forced to sit outside on the hottest day of the year. Tut tut!

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