Friday, 18 July 2014

18th July 2014 Leamington Lollop 15

Just dashing off to the pub for a drink. A 15 miler today around Warwick and Leamington. More on the topics later.  Right, back from the pub, down to business.  Mended a puncture and taking some time to go into Warwick. Leslie has challenged me to find the 'old man of Warwick'.

Court House

This old building was built in 1725 by Francis Smith and is situated in Jury Street Warwick. It is now the home of Warwick Town Council, the Tourist Information Centre and the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum.  It is also a registry office and numerous weddings are conducted here over a 12 month period. My parents were married here on Boxing day in 1939.

The Old Man of Warwick!

This building has the face of the old man of Warwick on it. Unfortunately I cannot find who this is supposed to represent.  The wooden sculptured head is halfway up the first floor, right in the centre of the building.  This is a really magnificent example of a half timbered building which has been in its recent times, a travel agents, a chocolate shop and now a card and gift shop.

The Old Man?

There were two of these at one time, but it is believed that the other one was destroyed by a lorry some time ago.  Does anyone know the history to this chap?

Rode into Leamington after Warwick for tea and biscuits at my sisters before completing the 15 miles back home.

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