Friday, 6 June 2014

6th June 2014 Retiring Regiment Romp 33

Out with the Emergency Services Cycling Club today, on a mission. Unforunately only three of us were available so we arranged the ride regardless.   After 2 minutes discussion we decided to follow Andy's plan and do a circuit taking in Warwick where there was a ceremony granting the freedom of the County to the Royal Fusiliers.

Warwick Market Place
We started off at Andy's house at Southam and made our way, via Harbury, into Warwick. When we got to the Market Place, it was obvious that proceedings were about to start. It was going to be difficult to get any decent shots of the parade.  About 150 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, including a corps of drums and a band marched through the town to celebrate being granted the freedom of Warwickshire. The battalion is due to be disbanded, to merge with the 1st battalion in August as part of Government cuts. The regiment has strong links with Warwickshire being formed in 1968 from the  amalgamation of several regiments including the Warwickshire Fusiliers.

Army Band

Quite a crowd in the Market Place at Warwick so couldn't see very well.  Managed to get this shot of the band marching around the square prior to the dignitaries, including the Duke of Kent, granting the freedom of the County to the Regiment.

The ESCC contingent

'We few, we happy few.'  From l to r, Andy Moss, Steve Duke and yours truly.

The Great Western, Deppers Bridge

After the ceremony we went to Wellesbourne airfield for a snack. I made the mistake of ordering beans on toast, which has to be prepared. The others had cake. I was given ticket 13 and realised the error when the waitress, after a few minutes came out and shouted, "Ticket number 1". The place was busy so had to wait ages before the beans came out. The lads had long finished their cake when I started mine. Never mind, gave us chance for a good old gossip.
On the way back to Southam, returned via Harbury and Deppers Bridge where we noticed the Great Western was open again. This place opens and shuts more times than a lift door at Harrods.

A lovely sunny morning and afternoon,  felt proud to be part of the celebrations, more so as it is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings today. A very pleasant 33 miles today.

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