Sunday, 8 June 2014

8th June 2014 Two Castles Torment 13

Another nice day, looks like summer has decided to pay the UK a serious visit. Taking an easy one today, into Leamington and back. No pressure, just out there to enjoy the morning.

Two Castles Run

The first obstacle on today's ride is the Two Castles Run, an annual event for charity between Warwick and Kenilworth Castle. This is 6 miles and what started as a modest event years ago now attracts thousands of entrants. I've done this a few times in the past but can only look on with envy as they go by now. The route goes past the entrance to the drive where I live, not only that, a water station has been set up there as well. Took me some time to get from here down to the main road 200 yards away.

Half way

Couldn't really ride down Woodcote Lane so had to slowly walk down. This is roughly the half way point of the race which is probably why the water station is situated here.  Quite a stiff climb for the runners up to this point.

All Saints Parish Church Leamington

This iconic church is at the heart of Leamington town. It was built in 1842 but Christian worship has been offered on this site for over a thousand years. This view is at southern side of the church.

Jug and Jester Pub

This little sculpture is in Bath Street on the wall of the Jug and Jester pub. It is a Wetherspoons establishment now which means you get what you pay for. If you want a quick, standard meal at a very reasonable price, try this place.  Not sure how long this chap has been there but I pass this quite frequently and only just noticed it.  For the ex pats, this used to be the Chair and Rocket.

14 miles today. It has been a good week, covered 134 miles in all, well above the 100 weekly target.

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