Thursday, 5 June 2014

5th June 2014 Canley Canter 25

Out with Mick today for an easy one up to Balsall Common to La Delicia for tea and Eccles Cakes. After the downpours yesterday, the forecast is good so looking forward to today's ride. We met at the usual bridge and cycled up the Greenway and into Berkswell and Balsall Common.

The Railway Inn.

This pub is next to Berkswell Railway Station and has some good reviews on the interweb. Reviewers like the fact that it is still a pub and not a restaurant, unlike many today. It does serve quality food and has speciality nights. Nice to see it all decked out in the flag of St George in anticipation of the Football World Cup starting soon. Don't approach this pub from the Coventry side of Balsall Common if your vehicle is over 7' tall. You won't get under the railway bridge.
Carried on into Balsall Common and decided against eccles cakes when we spotted that they were doing a meal deal - a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea for £2.50. What a bargain, and the slices of bread were about an inch thick and newly baked. Oh dear, I have started drooling again!

Silly Swans

Seen wandering along Cryfield Grange Lane by Warwick University. A pair of swans with 6 cygnets, not too old by the size of them. There is a lake/pond not too far away, over the left hand hedge, but will they find it?

Kenilworth Market

Mick and I parted company by the university and carried on home through Kenilworth. Stopped to take this picture of the weekly market held every Thursday. This is held up by the clocktower.

And finally

Thanks to Lesley and Stella who helped solve the puzzle, what the horse is wearing is a fly mask which protects it from flies and also from the UV rays of the sun. There are holes are in it but they are tiny and they can still see out of it like a veil on a ladies hat. (I wouldn't know Stell). If I had known he could see me I would not have pulled funny faces at him!

Not sure what the mileage is today, have got to work it out and put it on later. Like a Muppet, I forgot to turn my phone on.  Using a map tool, got an image and the mileage was a fraction under 25.

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