Tuesday, 3 June 2014

3rd June 2014 Braunston Bruiser

Not a proper ESCC club run today, out with Graham and picking up Andy en route to the cafe at Braunston. Nice day for it all round. I met Graham in Cubbington and we saw Andy in Shakers Lane, Long Itchington.

Willoughby village pond

Very pleasant (and fairly flat) riding out through the villages east of Birdingbury. Entering Willoughby, near to the A45, stopped to admire the village pond. The two resident ducks were too shy to come forward and have their photo taken.

Gongoozlers Rest

Half way through our trip, stopped at this lovely tea spot at the Marina in Braunston. Andy, on the left, me and Graham relaxing after tea and cake. I did promise the owner I would post this picture on their Facebook page, but if you read this Mrs Woman, I did try but failed. Sorry.

Feeling better

Nicely refreshed, we left the Gongoozlers rest and headed back home. If you do fancy a trip out there, we can recommend it. Do not make the mistake I made last time, drive out with my wife to sample the place and it was closed!  2pm the cabin doors clang to.

Dave's tea room

Going back through Long Itchington, we stopped at a fellow ESCC member's house to catch up with him.  He was busy in his garden, but not that busy that he could not stop to make us a cup of tea.  This is us, resting in his garden retreat. Thanks Dave.

The blind horse

Heaven knows what this is all about. Travelling down Stonebridge Lane, Long Itchington saw this horse with a bag on its head. It did not look distressed at all and it was a proper fitted hood that covered his eyes. He was aware of us being there. I have contacted a horsey friend to find out what this is all about so watch this space.

The project phase 2

Well, the bike is all stripped down, well as far as I can go. Two problems, one of the cranks is damaged which means I cannot get a crank puller on it to pull off the chain wheel. Also, the rear gear mechanism seems to be riveted, rather than bolted on which I cannot see how it comes off. Apart from that, everything works fine. Just off to get some estimates for a respray now.

Good ride today. Unfortunately my phone was not charged up so the route was not recorded. The bike computer puts it at 44 miles so that will do me.

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