Monday, 2 June 2014

2nd June2014 Showground Shuffle

Out today with Mick. Meeting up at the normal place and then riding to Stoneleigh, going to the cafe on the Showground there.  We did the reverse of the route we took a few weeks ago which meant going through parts of Kenilworth town,  which was OK, but the traffic made that section of the ride less enjoyable. Once we hit the countryside it was 100% better.

Stoneleigh Abbey Gatehouse

The Abbey at Stoneleigh ceased to be a stately home some years ago and has been converted to luxury apartments although there is limited public access to a portion of the lower floor. Most of the Abbey has been refurbished and renovated. This gatehouse is one of the few original buildings left on the site.  Built in 1346, it is a Grade I listed building.

Mobile Homes Exhibition

After tea and toast at the cafe on the showground, we had a ride around the site as there were exhibitors setting up for a mobile home exhibition from Thursday over this coming weekend. There will be 40 to 50 different homes on show. This is one half of one in the early stages of setting up. If you fancy going, entrance and parking is free. Worth going if only for that!

An enjoyable spin round, the forecasted rain did not appear which was a bonus. In fact, a very pleasant 18 miles in all.

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