Sunday, 1 June 2014

1st June 2014 Walton Wander 28

Good day for cycling, not too warm, not too much wind and the sun was out. Layers of suncream at last instead of layers of clothing. The plan was to go to Stratford upon Avon and conjure up some half decent photos of the crowds there.

Project Peugot

Yesterday we went to Weston Super Mare for the day. The week before, I had spotted a road bike for sale. I prevaricated over it and decided if it was still there this week I would have it. It was, a bit rusty in places but, after a little test ride, everything appeared to be in good order. Gave the old chap £20 for it so let the games begin!
Picked a good time to do it, right in the middle of a house move. Nothing like a challenge. Watch this space for updates.

Olive pot

Not an object that is native to Warwickshire, let alone England. This pot was at the entrance to a house in Charlecote. Not much good to anybody with a ruddy great hole in the bottom of it. These pots originate from the Mediterranean and have been used since the bronze age for storage of grain or liquids, especially olive oil. Some of them weighed up to 2 tons when full. There was a date on the rim of the pot, 1891 so it has been around a bit.

Four Seasons - Walton Hall

Another shot in the four seasons project, taking a picture from the same spot over the course of a year. This one is on the bridge crossing the lake near to Walton Hall.

Wellesbourne Airfield Cafe

On the way back home from Walton, called in at the Airfield cafe. A frequent watering hole with cyclists, bikers, workmen and the general public, it is a very popular place. This time of year its nice to sit out on the patio, next to the airfield, and watch the planes taking off and landing. A word of warning, beware the wasps in the Autumn they are a real nuisance. No bikes allowed on the patio unfortunately so the star of the blog had to take a back seat. Oh yes,  a cup of tea and a piece of fruit cake went down quite well thankyou.

Didn't get to Stratford. Just to be on the safe side, took it very easy today and dropped the mileage to about 28.


  1. The peugeot premiere looks a good buy at $30AUD. Gear change on down tube takes getting used to ....again. I've got an old local Malvern Star I bought in 1985 which is similar.
    Since retiring to the coast corrosion is a concern so it pays to have good quality components. The $90 Chinese bikes from discount stores soon corrode in the salt laden air.

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  3. Looking forward to doing the old bike up. Moving to Weston Super Mare soon hopefully, I don't think corrosion will be an issue as it is on an estuary, not the sea. Any photo's of your old bike?