Sunday, 15 June 2014

15th June 2014 Bridle Path Potter 11

Taking Danny, my neighbour for a ride over to Hatton Locks today. We have spoken about this for some time now and finally got round to it. We are going to use the bridle paths and minor country roads to get to the Cafe at the locks and we shall be meeting our wives there for tea and cake.

Ghost Fete!

Cycling near to Beausale, we came across a small field that had what looked like a traditional fete organised in it. There was nobody there to ask, all the stalls were set out ready for action but no signs or any indication as to what actually was going on. Parked my bike against the 'Test your Strength' machine. I was tempted to have a go but saved my energy for the cake eating later.

Canal and River Trust

This initiative is fairly new to Hatton Locks. The stand itself has been on location for a few weeks and volunteers were on hand this morning to attract folk in.  With over 2,000 miles of canals and waterways to manage, volunteers are needed to help protect and manage them. If you are interested I would suggest you have a look at for  information about the work they do.

The Dynamic Duo

Full of cake, Danny and I posed for a picture alongside the pond and sculpture of a dragonfly near the car park at Hatton.

Christmas is coming .........

Going back along the bridle path, this fellow was strutting his stuff at Goodrest Farm.  This has to be one of the ugliest birds ever to have been put on this planet. Having said that, the taste makes up for it.  I did remind the bird that it is only 192 days to Christmas.

A very enjoyable meander around the local lanes and bridle path. Thoroughly enjoyed the 11plus miles we covered.

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