Friday, 13 June 2014

13th June 2014 Warwick Worry 17

Best laid plans of mice and men. Started out with the intention of going towards Kineton and doing 30+ now the road bike is back on the road. Got as far as Barford when I realised that giving the bike a thorough clean yesterday was good, leaving the pump off was not. And, it is Friday 13th today (and a full moon) so turned round and headed back to Leek Wootton.

Lower Watchbury Farm Barford

On the return home, went past this farm and could see that they have been busy collecting sileage. Rather than cut and dry grass to convert to hay, many farmers cut and store the grass in plastic bags to feed as sileage to cattle in the winter.  I dint think my eldest grandaughter still believes that the black shapes are cow's eggs. She did when she was three.
The stone balls on the entrance gates are a relic from the past when landowners put the heads of their enemies on spikes outside their property to deter unwelcome visitors. Not allowed nowadays, health and safety would not permit it.

David Mycroft R.I.P

This staue is in the grounds of the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick. The dedication around the base reads 'Celebrating the life of David Mycroft, 1970 - 1998'
Talking to an old dear who lives at the hospital, David was married at the hospital but tragically died a few months later. His wife arranged for this representation of the Warwickshire bear to be placed here. She used to leave an orchid each year on their anniversary but this has not happened for some time now.  Sad little story.

Only did 17 miles, but at least got home without a puncture. If all goes well, may go out a bit later today when it cools down a bit.

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