Sunday, 4 May 2014

4th May 2014 Hyundai Hike 11

Part errand, part exercise today. We are buying a new car this week and the dealer wanted some details from my driving licence and I agreed to drop it into him this morning. Might as well have a little ride out as it was good cycling weather.

The dead BMW

We have had this old tank for many years and it has been a good old workhorse. Unfortunately, it has gone past its sell by date and to keep it is no longer a viable proposition. Repairs and service:- at least a £1000. Market value of the car  (if it passes its MOT) £500 at the most. No brainer then. It has to go. Shame.

Hyundai dealer

I suppose the chances of our new car being available was a bit remote on a Sunday morning, so a general view will have to do.  The place was closed when I got there at 1030 so it was no trouble to have a ride into Leamington and try later. These car sales people have it cushy, it didn't open until 11 so they get a good lay in.

11 miles today.  Totalled 111 this week, the best for over a month.

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  1. Oi, it's not just an old tank. It was a very handsome car in its prime. I will be very sad to see it go to the scrappy.