Monday, 5 May 2014

5th May 2014 Wellesbourne Wander 27

Started out this morning with the intention of going to Stratford on Avon but heading towards Wellesbourne realised that the traffic for the local market was very heavy, and may well be the same in Stratford.  Despite the attraction of a classic car rally at Stratford, made a decision to avoid the bank holiday traffic in the big tourist town. Met Andy on the way, a fellow cyclist from near Solihull, and introduced him to an alternative Warwick to Wellesbourne route and the Airport Cafe.

Wellesbourne Market

A very popular event on weekends and Bank Holidays, this market attracts visitors from miles around.  One of the largest open air markets in Britain, it boasts bargains galore, but take heed of the old adage, it's too good to be true.  There should be a big sign over the entrance EMPTOR CAVETE, buyer beware. It is well known for counterfeit/fake goods and stolen property. This was taken just before 2 o'clock and they were still pouring in.

More Wisteria

Left Wellesbourne after tea and cake with Andy at the cafe and took an alternative route back home through Ashorne, Bishops Tachbrook and Leamington. In Ashorne village itself saw a lovely example of wisteria. Surprisingly, the house name over the door said 'Wisteria Cottage"

Guide Dogs Centre

Took a slight detour on the way back to visit one of the local Guide Dogs for the Blind centres. This one is the breeding centre and is on the Banbury Road a couple of miles south of Warwick. From a dog's point of view, better to be here than at Battersea.


Heading to Leamington, turned off the main Banbury Road and turned right to go through Bishops Tachbrook. Midway through the turn, the front tyre deflated quite quickly and I wobbled to a stop just inside the junction. Luckily, had all the kit in the bag and changed the inner tube. Could not find the cause of the problem and had a problem with the tyre levers, they both snapped when putting the cover back on. Managed to squeeze the last bit over the rim by hand.  Not sure if the crematorium being very close was a good thing or not!

A good 27+ miles today.  Nice and easy being blown home.

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