Friday, 2 May 2014

2nd May 2014 Bidford Bash 50

Long ride today, out with Graham. We met up in Warwick and cycled down to Bidford on Avon, south of Stratford, going through Loxley, Stratford, Clifford Chambers, Welford. On the return journey we went through Temple Grafton, Billesley, Norton Lindsey, Hatton and Beausale to home. Not a bad day but the wind was a bit fresh, especially on the way back.

The Fox at Loxley.

This building dates back to 1660 and has been a pub for much of that time. This is the only pub in the small village of Loxley, a couple of miles south of Stratford.  A recent refurbishment has certainly enhanced its reputation. 

The Old Post Office Loxley

A couple of doors down from the Fox is the Old Post Office, now residential. The wisteria is certainly a feature of this property but is not at its best yet. Perhaps in a weeks time?

Welford Maypole

Erected in 1967 on the village green at Welford on Avon,  this 65' maypole was refurbished in 2003. I spoke to a couple of locals who said that it is rarely used nowadays which is a shame. I am sure when it was built, the local children would have danced around it on May 1st. Graham, ever practical, stated, "I would not like to paint that thing."

Out of the County

Took a slight detour before reaching Bideford to clock two counties in one day. Worcestershire was the target and this is looking back from the county boundary towards Bideford. Unfortunately there was no sign for Worcestershire so this will have to do. Graham came up with a good idea. Why don't two counties share a sign, just the one, and put the appropriate name on either side. That way, the councils would save money and halve the responsibility and the cost.  I told you he was practical.

Honeybourne Road shrine.

The family and friends of a Charles Bateman, 17 years, have erected this 'shrine' at the Welford/Honeybourne Road crossroads. Charles was killed in a road accident last Christmas at this spot and local campaigners are attempting to have the junction modified to prevent further crashes.

The Golden Cross, Ardens Grafton

Situated on the Wixford Road, this is a fine example of an Olde English Pub. With oak beams and a decent menu, this place is worth a visit. I have eaten here before and the food is good. They offer all sorts of events including a festival of music called Graftonbury. Get it?  Apperently, faggots are a speciality. For American readers, not what you think, over here faggots are a type of meatloaf!

A good ride today. Quite hilly in places and heading home the wind was against us. Very enjoyable though with a stop at the bakery in Bideford for tea and Lardy cake. Did 50 miles today which will really help towards the 100 target for the week.

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