Thursday, 1 May 2014

1st May 2014 Town Trek 5

The first of May and it is raining. Its supposed to be sunshine and white fluffy clouds and T shirts and sun cream. Perhaps tomorrow.  Not far at all today. Had to go into the doctors for a blood test to check on cholesterol levels. One would have thought with all this exercise it should be zero but our fragile bodies do not work like that.  Just a straight ride into Kenilworth, and back, from the village.

Boots the chemist

A picture paints a thousand words and the wet weather is fairly obvious in this shot. Good job the waterproofs work OK.  Nothing for me to collect at the chemists for once.

Thomas Hearns the Furnishers

Cycling back home along the main Warwick Road, I spotted this sale at this furniture store. Looking round the store, despite the 'million pound stock clearance' sign, there was not actually much on offer at a reasonable price. Thankfully, the rain had eased off considerably.

End of an era!

Not cycling related but just have to record this.  It was time to sell the MGB after having it for 29 years. It has been a good old bus but it really was time for it to go.  And for the cycnics amongst you, it did not have to be trailered away, I drove it up the ramps and was pleased to hear Andrew, the driver say that the engine sounded pretty good. 

Just 5 miles today popping into town. The MGB (Benji as the grandkids called it) will be doing a lot more on its trip to Southampton.


  1. *sob*! Bye bye Benji!
    I learnt to drive backwards in that car lol x

  2. I used to lust after that MGB model. Never owned one, though.