Tuesday, 29 April 2014

29th April 2014 Hunt the Bluebells 21

Out today looking for bluebells. Loads about but haven't seen any worth photographing. Shorts and short sleeved top today, must be nearly summer. Sorted out all my cycling gear today and put all the cold weather clothing at the back of the drawer. Lets hope it can stay there till October at least!
Heading out to Beausale, Hatton, Norton Lindsey and back through Warwick.


This is the entrance to the drive where I live and the board is showing that our house has been sold. Just waiting for all the legal stuff to be done now. Weston Super Mare here we come.


Found some decent ones at last. This was down the little lane that runs from Hasely Knob to Hasely Church.  Just before reaching the church, saw a hare running down the road 100 yards ahead. No chance of him stopping and posing for a picture.

The Census

Most county councils conduct traffic surveys to monitor traffic flows on various roads. This one was on Station Road Hatton heading towards Pinley.  I did shout to them to "put one bike down." When I returned to get this picture, the chap jokingly said that he would have to record me as going through twice.  I didn't know they were working on a commission basis!

Beware frogs

Heading into Norton Lindsey this sign has been placed to warn motorists that there may be frogs crossing the road. This time of year the frogs (and froglets) go marching off between ponds and do not bother to look both ways in case cars are approaching. I was expecting to see lots of little frog shaped pizzas scattered about the place but no sign of any casualties. No point in setting up a Pelican Crossing I suppose.

Good ride today. Met an old mate half way round and good to stop and compare bikes and cycling routes. Enjoyed being out in the sun for the 21plus miles.

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