Wednesday, 28 May 2014

28th May 2014 Canal Crawl 12

What a crabby day it has been today. Virtually non stop rain, not always heavy , but enough to put a dampner on the days events. Gave up waiting around just after 4pm and put on waterproof kit, wheeled out the mountain bike and went over the local bridle paths to Hatton Locks and back home via the canal and Warwick.

Goodrest Farm

Not far from home, along Rouncil Lane, turned off the public road and used the bridle path that runs from Kenilworth Castle to Hatton.  This is Goodrest Farm, just a half mile in, showing the wet soggy conditions.

Four Seasons project

Two fields further on, stopped to get a picture looking north into this field from the bridle path.  This is a field of corn, I think wheat, looking very healthy. I suppose it should really, not bad growing weather although it was a coldish wind from the north today.  It should be warmer than this towards the end of May.

Wood smoke

At the end of the bridle path, a couple of country lanes lead to the canal at Black Lane Hatton. A nice place to head south towards Warwick. From the smell of the smoke, the fire on this narrow boat was a wood burner.  Not sure what powers the TV I could see through the open door, must have been a very quiet generator.

Rear of Chandley Wharf Warwick

Had to visit Chandley Wharf, a new development off Cape Road Warwick last week. Not a pretty sight, cars everywhere and the place gave the impression of being a closed in maximum security prison courtyard. What a difference the rear of the property is like, lovely views over the canal. This is from one end of the complex, the second view is from opposite The Cape of Good Hope pub.

Got back home filthy!  Having said that, the waterproof clothing worked well, so much so that I was able to hose myself down after doing the bike. Feel much better for the 12 miles covered.

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