Saturday, 24 May 2014

24th May 2014 Leamington Loop

Didn't think the bike would be coming out of the shed today. Heavy rain for most of the morning, finally clearing up mid afternoon.  Just took an easy one around Leamington.

No cycling!

Years ago, when I was a lad, these posts were erected at one end of the footpath that ran from Westlea Road Leamington  to Warwick New Road near to the Ford's foundry.  It was designated a no cycling path and it was taken very seriously, so much so, that every so often a Police Officer would stand at one end and prosecute anyone caught riding. How times change, now it is a designated cycle path!

St Margaret's Church Whitnash

Whitnash dates back to pre Roman times and in the Doomsday Book it boasted 11 villagers and 8 smallholders. Now it has about 10,000. With no real centre, the church used to be the focal point of the village.  It is a Grade 2 listed building and the main sandstone tower dates back to the late 15th century.  Its main claim to fame is the fact that my eldest daughter Jacqueline was married here.

Black Bridge

Behind the church is a lane that leads to Radford Semele. Where the lane crosses the main Birmingahm to London railway line is Black Bridge. It was painted black when I were a lad but British Rail must have had a surplus of grey paint since then.

Radford Road works

Laying the main sewer pipe at the bottom of town continues. This is the section in Radford Road
that continues on from the major works that snarled up downtown Leamington. The photo was taken at the site of the old Warneford Hospital. Luckily, pedestrians and cyclists can get through on the footpath.

A leisurely 15 miles today in nice sunshine,

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