Friday, 23 May 2014

23rd May 2014 Red Lane Romp 13

First time out for a couple of days. After getting stir crazy cooped up in a school hall for over 15 hours working on the elections, it was good to get out today, despite the uncertain weather. Went into Kenilworth to do a couple of errands then up to Burton Green and back down the Greenway.

Priorsfield School, Kenilworth 

After the bank, this was the second errand.  When I arrived home last night from the Polling Station, which had been held in the main hall of this school, I found some cutlery which I had inadvertently put in my lunch box.  I took it back to the school and, of course, a photo opportunity arose.  The large piece of art you can see was erected for the millenium celbrations and depicts a candle (this used to be a thriving industry around here), and stones on the base representing Kenilworth Castle. There is a cache of treasure buried beneath it in a 'time capsule'. The whole thing was designed by the children of the school and sponsored by local businesses.
The school motto is worthy of note :-  Dream - Dare - Do.  Like it

The Royal Oak

Left the school and went up to Burton Green via Red Lane. Travelling in this direction it is a long, sloggy, climb.  Must have been invigorated after a couple of days off because I did a good time up the  1.5 mile climb, a personal best in fact.  Zoomed down the Greenway and headed into Kenilworth on the Coventry Road.  The Royal Oak is the first pub you come to and in the past has been very popular with students from the nearby Warwick University.  It has some very good reviews on the tinterweb, especially free pork pie and cheese on a Sunday night. Dear diary........

Fire Station Kenilworth

At least Kenilworth still has a fire station, albeit using retained firemen. The one in Warwick has been demolished so not sure what the shelf life of this one is.  This is not a manned station, but relies on local volunteers to respond quickly to an alarm call. It is a tried and tested system but how much longer before the Fire Authority try to make money out of the site?

A bit of an amble round today, 13 miles in total. Quite a cold breeze for late May which was surprising. The old knees were grumbling a bit as well so didn't go too far.

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