Monday, 12 May 2014

12th May 2014 Balsall Common Creep 24

The forecast is pretty good today, not too windy, possibility of a light shower, and signs of it warming up a bit. Heading out to Balsall Common,  through Beausale, Chadwick End and after a stop at La Delicia Bakery, back through Kenilworth.


Went out through the lanes, away from Kenilworth and, after a mile, the heavens opened and down came the rain and the hail.  Not good.  Stopping at the entrance to Goodrest Farm, and sheltering under a tree, realised how appropriately named it was. After about ten minutes it did clear up and apart from a short sharp shower in Baddesley Clinton, the weather was fine for the rest of the ride.

Beausale Village Hall

Going out through Beausale, stopped for a photo of the village club. Quite a compact little place, but then, with a population of 220, nothing too grand is needed. The sign in the window states that it is open on a Friday night so if you are passing......

Hobbe Cottage

This charming little place is on the road leading into Balsall Common from Knowle. Trying to find out about it on Google, it listed thousands of entries for Hobbit Cottage but none for Hobbe Cottage. Should have known really. Could double up as a home for Frodo I suppose.
A short way from here was the centre of Balsall Common and La Delicia Bakery, the home of truly scrumptious Eccles Cakes. Went down well with a cup of tea.
I stand to be corrected on this one. Thank you Leslie. It was there on Google. It is an Elizabethan cottage, built about 1590 and is a grade II listed building. A three bedroomed detached house, it has many original features and planning permission for an extension. If you have £300,000 to spare, its yours.

Heading back home via the Greenway at Crackley, did a couple of personal bests which was pleasing. In all, did just over 24 miles today.

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