Sunday, 11 May 2014

11th May 2014 Knowle Knockout 36

The plan today was to head towards Stratford, into the wind. As I was about to leave home, spotted an advert in the Parish Magazine for a display of classic cars in Kenilworth. Change direction then. Ended up going out through Kenilworth to Balsall Common, Knowle Warwick, and back home.

Ford Mustang

Classic American 'muscle car'.  One of numerous cars on display in Kenilworth Abbey End raising money for charity. There was a host of Jaguars, MGs, Daimlers, plus many more, including some classic motor bikes. This one looks like a slightly earlier model to the one used in the Bullitt film car chase.

Bullnose Morris 1925

Built as the Morris Oxford, after the town where it was built. The unusual radiator led it to be called the Bullnose Morris. This one is owned by a local lady and is known affectionately as 'Boris the Morris'. In both these car shots, had to lean the bike up against a lampost which spoiled the view. Took the decision that leaning the bike up against these pristine cars might not go down too well.

Cottage Inn at Kenilworth

Leaving Kenilworth heading towards the Univesity, went past the Cottage Inn in Albion Street. Not a bad little pub this, called in a few times for an early evening meal and not bad value for money at all.

The Greenway Race

Headed towards Balsall Common along the Greenway, a disused railway line. There was a cross country race in progress, possibly students from the local Warwick University. Propped the bike up against a wooden structure used by horse riders to mount and dismount their steeds.

Norton Lindsey signpost Mark II

This is the second one in the village now, the first was erected in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee of her coronation. This one has been recently put up to mark the Diamond Jubilee of our present Queen. A nice touch.

Just under 36 miles today (107 for the week), interrupted by a stop at the Windley Garden Centre at Knowle for tea and a sausage roll.

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