Tuesday, 13 May 2014

13th May 2014 Solihull Surprise! 25

Destination Stratford today, or that was  Plan B. The original plan for the day was a ride out to Braunston with Graham, but after heavy rain first thing, we called that off. As I left the driveway of my house, 7 cyclists went tanking by. I dropped on the back of them and asked if I could join in. The rest is history, well, a bit of a blog

Solihull CC

The cyclists were from Solihull Cycling Club, a well organised group from, where do you think. With 500 members or more, they cater for all needs and today, some of them were out for a social ride, a regular event on a Tuesday. They were heading to Hunningham, to Hill Top Farm Cafe. A good choice, have been there a few times now. The forecast was a bit iffy and after going out through Cubbington and Offchurch, rode the last half mile to the cafe in a fairly heavy rain shower.
Sat and had a chat with them over tea and cake and asked if I could take a picture and include them on this page. You must admit, all very smart in their club gear.
Thank you guys for making me feel very welcome. Hope to catch up with you again someday.

The Parrys

By coincidence, the cafe is very close to where my granddaughter and her husband live. A quick phone call told me they were in so, unfortunately, had to have another cup of tea. Had to stay longer than intended as the rain came again. Next time, it may be better to leave my cycling shoes inside the house!

The Bull at Weston (Deceased)

Another pub has bit the dust. Shame really, this was a thriving place in its day. Others nearby, the Red Lion at Hunningham for example, seem to survive. Hopefully someone will take this on and restore it to its old popularity.

The Coventry Pug !!

The Bull is dead, here is a success story. This is the old Coventry Arms on the Rugby Road in Leamington. Ex pats will remember it as that.  It is now the Fat Pug, and after a complete makeover is doing very well thank you very much. One of the 'in' places to be at the moment. Never been myself, my days of standing waiting for ages at the bar to get a pint have long gone.

Well, that was an interesting day, not what was expected. Clocked 25 miles after a roundabout route home. Did not get too wet either.

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