Thursday, 27 March 2014

27th March 2014 Coventry Cruise 20

Met up with Mick at Earlswood this morning for a trip around Coventry. Nicely done to the lady motorist who turned right across my path, narrowly missing me, and drove into a private drive. I took pity on her when I saw that the entrance was for an organisation called Resources for the Blind!
It was quite chilly at first so the first job, after a couple of photos, was to head for a tea stop. 

Central 6 Footbridge

Took a slight detour on the way to the cafe to see if the demolition of a bridge on the Coventry Ring Road may be of interest. Went over this footbridge, which is near to the Central 6 shopping complex, and took a photo in the sunshine.  Couldn't get decent views of the bridge deconstruction.

Three Spires
Coventry is famous, amongst other things, for its three spires pictured below. They have dominated the city skyline since the 14th century. One is in the ruins of the old cathedral which was demolished by the Luftwaffe during WWII. Another is the spire of Christchurch, the only part to survive, and the third is the Holy Trinity Church which is still in use.

The Poppy Sculpture

We made our way to the Memorial Park, to the south of the city, and made a bee line for the cafe. Tea and toasted tea cakes were the order of the day and surprise, it was nice enough to sit outside in the hazy sunshine. Nearby, spotted this structure which had been carved from the remains of an Atlantic Cedar which had been severely damaged, along with numerous others, during the heavy snowfalls that were experienced in 1990. A fitting tribute in the park which is dedicated to those who gave their lives during the world wars.

Left the cafe and cycled out into the countryside south west of Coventry returning to near the University where we split up. Totalled 20 miles today.

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