Tuesday, 25 March 2014

25th March 2014 Hunningham Haul 19

Out with the ESCC today, albeit that only two turned up to Andy's house at Southam this morning. It was a horrible day to start with, grey overcast skies spitting with rain. We decided to shorten the route and do a roundabout circuit to the Hill Top Farm Shop and Cafe near to Hunningham. 

At the cafe

The route today was from Southam, Harbury, Bascote, Offchurch to Hunningham where we stopped for tea and cake. A very nice cake as well, we each had a very fresh and tasty Eccles cake. This is the only picture taken on the ride, the one taken outside did not store on the memory card. Quite what is going on here is beyond me, I was too busy munching on the delicious Eccles cake. If I was a Facebook user, and had a malicious streak, the publication of this charming snap could potentially ruin two marriages. Returned to Southam via Long Itchington.

Not a brilliant day for a ride by any stretch of the imagination. 19 miles around a sometimes hilly route in the rain. Having said that, it was a bit like banging your head against a brick wall; brilliant when you stop!

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