Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March 2014 Leamington Loop 13

A quick spin out out on a nice Sunday morning. Just need to add to the weekly total so a little circuit around Leamington should do the trick. Quite a chilly wind this morning so a couple of layers will not go amiss. 

Warwick Half Marathon

Left home wondering what opportunities there would be to get some different pictures today. After 25 yards, got the first one! Just outside the lane where I live was a feeding station for runners taking part in the Warwick Half Marathon. An annual event now, it is run by the British Heart Foundation to raise some much needed cash.  Well done to the young volunteers handing out the water to the runners.

Saxon Mill

The road between my village had been closed to traffic for the event and going past the Saxon Mill a line of cones seperated the two sides of the road. The tape that connected the tops of the cones had come adrift and had ended up in the trees. The workmen were on the ball though and were getting it down as I went by.

A host of golden daffodils

After turning round towards home in Newbold Comyn, rode back, into the wind, through Victoria Park in Leamington. Just before the park, stopped to admire the display of daffodils near to York Road. Not many leaves on the trees yet notice.

Sport Relief

After the BBC raised £51 million on Friday, there were events all over the country continuing the fund raising. You can see loads more at  Even the prime minister was taking part in a mile run in Oxford. I came across the tail end of an event in Victoria Park. Loads of families taking part raising money for good causes across the world.

Another nice ride today, the 13 miles taking the total up to 114 for the week. Glad I put the layers on today, it was chilly against the wind.

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