Friday, 28 March 2014

28th March 2014 Wellesbourne Wander 30

Out with Graham for a ride around Barford and Wellesbourne.  Not a bad day although the east wind is still a bit chilly. Met up in Warwick and went out through Barford and Newbold Pacey to Wellesbourne

Barford Telephone Box

The scary girl that lived in here for a time advertising Goldilocks has gone now. The display on show currently is just information about the Barford Heritage Group. I would imagine next on the calendar will be the annual summer fete.

Walton Hall Bridge

Going over the lake bridge in Walton Hall we noticed that the level of water was very low considering all the rain we have had. It looks as if some extensive drainage work is being done with a lot of silt being dumped on nearby farmland. This picture was going to be one of the four seasons project for this bridge except the bike is facing the wrong way. What an anorak!

The Loxley Folly

Spotted this in Loxley Lane Wellesbourne. This has intrigued me for some time now and finally decided to get a photo today. By coincidence, the owner was just leaving his house and I asked him what the story was behind it, directions to Fiji one way, Siberia the other. He explained that it was a folly, his wife's idea, and the places relate to a) her former husband and b) a holiday of a lifetime. I did not ask which was which, I think I can work that one out.  A short time later had tea and coffee and walnut cake at the airfield cafe.

The Circus is in town

Heading back into Warwick on the Henley Road, the circus has arrived and is camped out on the racecourse car park. Billy Smart's Circus has been around for donkeys years and is currently going through a bit of a revival. There are no performing animals after pressure from activists and the show consists of jugglers, acrobats clowns etc. Whilst taking this picture, a young lady walked past and asked if I was the Free Radio Phantom. I had no idea what she was talking about and she explained that a mystery person from Free Radio was going round giving £3000 away to the first person to challenge him. Not me I explained. A minute later, her friend walking some distance behind asked me the same question. I could not resist asking how she knew. I hinted that it was me but could not keep it up without smiling. Cruel, but amusing!

Finished the ride about mid day when it had turned very pleasant. A total of just over 30 today.

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