Thursday, 13 March 2014

13th March 2014 Foggy Flop 9

Dodgy old day today, quite foggy, not good conditions for cycling on roads. The plan today was to meet up with Mick and go to the Stoneleigh Showground, but that meant using roads that were not particularly busy but quite fast. As Mick put it, no need to put ourselves at risk. We met in Kenilworth, on the Greenway and just sauntered into Kenilworth, mainly on the cyclepaths.

Foggy Lane

Taken just after leaving home, this is Woodcote Lane showing the fog. This can be part of the 'Four Seasons' project, pictures taken from the same point at different times of the year. The fog was not too bad at this point but unwise to risk going on faster roads.

Cherry Tree Cafe Kenilworth

Not too far from our meeting place is this little cafe. We had tea and toast, very welcome on a cold, damp morning. A place to recommend, very friendly staff, good service and we were made to feel very welcome. 100% better than the place in Tile Hill we went to last week.

Joe's Overflow

A view across Joe's Overflow, the lake in Abbey Fields Kenilworth.  When I say view, I mean looking into the fog. This decking is where most folk feed the ducks etc from, so no good approaching me, its all been eaten. Don't know why its called Joe's Overflow; years ago the lake only appeared during times when the nearby Finham Brook burst its banks, but after the 70s it became permanent, presumably because the water level is now managed. Certainly a good feature to have in the heart of the town.

A quite little amble around the north east area of Kenilworth. Clocked 9 miles in all today.

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