Friday, 14 March 2014

14th March 2014 Canal Capers 15

The thick fog first thing cleared by lunchtime leaving a lovely sunny afternoon. Too good to miss this so went out on the mountain bike, over the bridle paths to the canal.

Scrap iron narrow boat.

Musn't call them barges, Andy will challenge the word. These are narrow boats according to 0.001% of the population. This one was at the top of Hatton Locks near to the cafe, and no doubt was being used by Severn Trent Water, or volunteers, to collect debris thrown into the canal. It looks as if the most popular items to dispose of are pedal cycles, plenty of them on board. I tried to find someone to ask what happens to all the junk but no-one about. Some of the bikes looked half decent and may have scrubbed up OK.

Oh dear, never mind!

This old wreck was just up from Hatton Locks Cafe.  I did enquire in there what had happened and was told it caught fire during a drunken party! There you go. Someone has learned a very valuable lesson indeed.

New Bridge?

This is the last lock in the series from Hatton, near to Warwick Hospital. The old footbridge has been taken down and work is in progress to build a new one. This will connect the Woodloes Estate with Millers Road. Not for cars judging by the width of it.

A very pleasant ride indeed. The towpath was a bit boggy for about 100 yards near to Hatton Station but apart from that, a dry, sunny, almost windless 15 miles.

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