Monday, 10 March 2014

10th March 2014 Stoneleigh Saunter 15

It was colder than I thought out there today! Drawn into a false sense of security by the bright sunshine, I went out with just a t shirt under my cycling top and wore shorts. Mistake. Within a short time it was obvious that the wind had veered round more to the east and was quite chilly. Going out today round the Stoneleigh area checking out a route for a ride on Thursday. 

Fly Tipping

This illegal activity seems to be less prevalent now than in the past. However, some folk, looking at this lot, small builders and business people, do not like to pay fees for tipping rubbish at licensed sites but dump it where they like. In this case, the road that leads from Chesford to Warwick. I hasten to add that the bicycle is not part of the unsightly waste.

Ashow Social Club

Ashow is a tiny hamlet of about 100 inhabitants situated just off the Finham/Warwick road. Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, it is part of the Stoneleigh Estate.  The club is the only facility in the village and is a grade 2 listed building dating from the 1700s. About 10 years ago, I was the Presiding Officer here for the general election. It was a long day, 0700 to 2200 with, as I recall, about 36 voters coming in during that time.

Stare Bridge, Stoneleigh

Now defunct, this bridge  used to carry the main Leamington to Coventry road. Built in the late 15th century, it has 9 arches and crosses the river Avon. Note the three refuges on the right hand side. Situated near to the main showground entrance, it was replaced years ago by a modern structure nearby which carries the traffic on the B4113.  The main users of it today are dog walkers as this is a popular part of a dog walking circuit around part of the Stoneleigh Estate.

A little circuit in the cold sunshine, 15 miles in all.

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