Sunday, 2 February 2014

2nd February 2014 Warwick Wander 7

Lovely morning, just right for a quick spin into Warwick to check on the floods. A bit strapped for time today as a visit to Birmingham is planned to see the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Saxon Mill

The water was not as high as I expected, 12 months ago the table and chairs were inaccessible as the water was about 12" deep around them. The amount of water flowing down the Avon is still pretty impressive though.

Kingfisher Pool

This footpath/cycle track is impassable due to the high level of the river. This is a shortcut from St Nicholas Park to the Myton Road, well normally, but not today. This area of the park is designed for the local fishing clubs, with 'pegs' or fishing spots all provided. Not much sign of them either.

Warwick Castle - just!

A view of St Nicholas Park from the Charter Footbridge over the Avon. Just in the centre, in the distance, is Warwick Castle.

Banbury Road bridge

A view of the river Avon, looking downstream towards the castle. The river is over the bank on the opposite side, OK on this side as the bank is a bit higher.  Loads of seagulls about searching for scraps from the locals who are feeding the swans. There are good views of the castle from the bridge itself and many photos have been taken from that viewpoint. Worth a look if ever you are in Warwick.

Ambulance Station for sale.

Sign of the times, with many local authorities and public services selling off land and buildings to raise money.  This place, in Montague Road Warwick, holds many good memories for me. As a serving Police Officer, it was a regular place to visit when on the night shift; the lads were always accommodating with cups of tea and we would respond by taking them chips in. There was a very good working, and personal, relationship between the two services.  

Just a 7 mile tootle around the town. The floods were not as bad as I thought they would be. This took me over the 100 for the week, the first time this year.

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