Tuesday, 4 February 2014

4th February 2014 Langley Loop 37

Ride out with Graham today. Good day for it, no rain forecast although the wind is a bit strong and not too warm. The plan is out through Beausale, Rowington, Claverdon, through Langley, Norton Lindsey to Wellesbourne for tea.

St Michaels, Claverdon

Claverdon is mentioned in the Doomsday Book and reference to a priest in the village is made. The parish church has been on site since the 1150s and the oldest part of the present structure date from the 14th century.  The church was rebuilt in 1877/8. A very compact little church, very well kept, in a pleasant village.

Hedge Laying

Hedge laying is a country skill, typically found in the UK or Ireland which, through the creation and maintenance of hedges makes livestock proof barriers, rejuvenates existing hederows and gives greater weather protection to crops and livestock. Different parts of the UK has different types of fences; typically in the midlands, hedges are designed to be bullock proof.  This one is near Hampton Lucy.

Graham being patient whilst photos being taken. We had been quite cold during the first part of the ride, but after a stop at Wellesbourne Airfield (tea and baked beans on toast) we had warmed up. Riding with a 20 mph wind directly behind was a big help on the last 10 miles home.

Barford telephone kiosk

Going back through Barford, noticed that the telephone box had been updated by the local heritage society. This time though, they have made it a bit spooky. The local drama group are putting Goldilocks on as a performance and to advertise it, Goldilocks is stood in the phone box. A bit creepy when it is first spotted. On the left of the box is a big black bear's head which hasnt come out in the photo.

First half of today was a bit tough, hilly and against the wind. Second half was good. Just under 37 miles today.

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