Tuesday, 7 January 2014

7th January 2014 Redwood Razzle

Another fine day in NZ. Forecast is good, so an early start to miss the strong sunlight and head out to the Redwood Forest on the outskirts of Rotorua


These birds are fairly common in the town and parklands. This one was on the golf course near to the Government Gardens. Pukeko is the Maori name for the purple swamp hen and is found throughout the Antipodes. If it lives in or near swamps, it needs great big feet like it has.

Douglas Firs

Entering the Redwoods from the Fenton Street side, stands of Douglas Fir trees can be found.  These trees were planted about 1937 and have been managed till now. These trees are the second largest in the world behind the coastal redwoods and they can grow up to 100-120 metres tall. Native to North America, they have been introduced into NZ.

The Redwoods

The Redwood Forest is a haven for walkers and bikers alike. The trails are world class and vary in difficulty from 1 to 5, kids to extreme. The place is a maze of trails and paths such as this.

Dipper Trail

The Dipper Trail is a level 2, about my level! By now, I had been out for about 2 hours so did not do the complete circuit. This gives an idea what they are like. The trails themselves are also managed well with a one way system to prevent collisions. 

A good idea! 

Returned to the city via the main road and thought this was a good road safety measure. It has to be said, cycling over here is a lot safer than in the UK. Far more thought, and resources, has been given, to the use of the roads by cyclists. And, have yet to see a pothole!

Some challenging hills in the forest, but well worth the effort. Will have to guess at 15 miles today.

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