Monday, 6 January 2014

6th January 2013 Rotorua 'Greenway'

Fine old day today, wall to wall blue sky. Could see Mount Ngongotaha as clear as a bell so get the bike out before it gets too hot. 

Rotorua 'Greenway'. 

The Bay of Plenty authority, like many in the UK are taking a serious interest in cyclists, walkers and other hobbies concerning the great outdoors. A footpath cycleway has been constructed in Rotorua alongside the railway line that used to run to Ngongotaha. A bit 'samey' for a couple of miles but good to get off the beaten track.

NZ Heron

Spotted in a ditch alongside the Greenway, this chap did not seem too fazed by the sight of a human on a bike. Managed to get a shot in before he got too far away. According to google, this is a white faced heron.

Nongy Footbridge

Arrived in Ngongotaha (Nongy to the locals)and was not too sure where the road continued. There was a main road a few yards ahead and the map said that the railway curved around to the left. Having done about 5 miles, it was time to turn round at this bridge over a stream and leave further exploration for another day.

NZ Jetty

Travelling back on the cycle path there was a sign that there was a boat launching point down a side road. Went to investigate and found this little jetty, guarded by seagulls. The island just right of centre is in the middle of the lake and is called Hinemoa Pool. Apologies to readers in the UK, but the clear blue sky needed recording! 

About 10 miles in all today. A fairly flat route, not good training for the return to the UK!


  1. Very good picture of the heron. We'll make a birdwatcher of you yet!


  2. Thank you Mick. A Pukeko has made an appearance on the blog today.