Sunday, 5 January 2014

5th January 2013 Rotorua Rock

Did not think a ride was on the cards today. After shopping in the morning, all plans for an afternoon ride went out the window when the rain came down. Not heavy but persistent. Luckily, around 4.30, the sky cleared, Mount Ngongotaha appeared out of the clouds and out came the bike. 


Brilleaux are a New Zealand Rock and Blues band who were playing in Eat Street, a newly refurbished street that, as the name implies, is where all the restaurants are. This band were performing, in the street, and as an avid rock and blues fan, I was keen to have a look. I thought the moment had gone as they were only scheduled from 2 till 5, but they were in full swing when I turned up and I managed to see the last 45 minutes of their set. Pretty impressive with covers of Doors, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry as well as their own numbers.

Pig and Whistle

This pub is one of the main ones in the centre of Rotorua and is housed in the old Police Station, hence the name. Built in the 40s, it was changed from the station to a pub some years ago. Very popular at evenings and weekends, they have a good selection of ales and food as well as live bands. Well worth a visit.

Rotorua Post Office

Bit of a boring building, right in the centre of town, it houses the NZ Bank and the post office. Included because this is where my son works, so if you are in town buying stamps, ask for David the Team Leader and say Hi from me.

Not many miles today. After looking around the town, carried on towards Taupo for a couple of miles, then doubled back to town via Sulphur Point. Another guesstimate at 6 miles.

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