Wednesday, 29 January 2014

29th January 2014 Tysoe 'tragedy' 47

Could have picked a better day to go out for a long ride! Met up with the ESCC at Grahams house and did a circuit including Bishops Tachbrook,Moreton Morrell, Wellesbourne, Pillerton Priors, Tysoe, Kineton, Gaydon and back through Bishops. Started off dry but the rain came in and the wind freshened which made the ride less pleasant than it should have been.

ESCC at Graham's

Pre ride photo.  From left to right, Mark, Steve, Diane, John, Graham and Alan. Can I just say, there was an element of mickey taking because of the number of layers I was wearing. They thought 7 on the top and 3 on the legs was far too much. As a sufferer of Reynauds Disease (poor circulation) it is much needed. See later.

Oxhill sewer work

Turning into Oxhill on the Kineton Road, there were clear signs that the road was closed due to sewer work. We took an executive decision that we were cyclists and road works should not prevent us from making progress. When we reached the blockage, it was complete, but after consulatation (and considerable banter) with the contracters, we were able to squeeze in between the wire fence and the hedgerow. Not much room at all until we breathed in deeply.

Kineton tea stop

Left Oxhill with the intention, at about 23 miles, to stop at the tea rooms in Tysoe. By this time, the rain was coming down, we were into the wind and all looking forward to a break. I was first at the cafe and was surprised to see the blinds drawn. I checked in the adjoining shop and the chap in there confirmed that the tea room was closed. When the group arrived, they thought I was joking. The ride organiser was very disappointed on our behalf. Plan B then.. The next best place was Kineton, and fortunately, the wind was behind us, the road was flat and smooth and the 5 miles extra we did was not too bad at all. Steve and Di were held up on this section. Steve had a puncture, not the best of conditions to have that mishap.

'Emergency' Stop

Heading home, the wind picked up and was definitely colder. This is where my layers paid off. Unfortunately, John felt the cold and dropped behind. This is the group waiting for him at the Banbury Road junction.  Carrying on, it was a lot colder and he stopped at a garage to warm up. The group left him there and Alan picked him up later. A sensible approach to a problem.

Perversely, this was an enjoyable 47 miles! Ok, the weather was bordering on atrocious, but having the right clothing on negated that to a large degree. Hands were cold at the end but that was due to having the wrong gloves on. No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

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