Monday, 27 January 2014

27th January 2014 Cubbington Circuit 17

A bit limited for time today, household jobs are seriously getting in the way of cycling!  Managed to get out for a meander round fortunately, through Leamington to Cubbington and back through Stoneleigh Village. 

Saxon Mill Warwick

Took a short detour on the way to Leamington to see how high the River Avon is at the Saxon Mill.  This is a footbridge, at the mill, and clearly the river is full flow after all the recent rain. Not enough, yet, to start and flood the nearby premises.

Stoneleigh River Bridge.

As you enter Stoneleigh village on the B4113, from Leamington, the River Stowe is crossed at this bridge.  A few hundred yards downstream it meets up with the Avon. Trivia about Stoneleigh. There are no pubs here. There were three at one time but they were all closed by Lord Leigh, the Lord of the Manor, over 100 years ago. The reason? His daughter was laughed at by drunks when she was going to church on her bicycle.

A nice circuit of 17.5 miles. The weather was kind as well, sunny, with a cold wind from the south west.

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