Friday, 10 January 2014

11th January 2014 Rotorua Roundup

Last day in New Zealand spent in Aukland. No meaningful chance to get out on a bike so thought it might be an opportunity to have a look at the photos that went on the 'cutting room floor'. Restricting the daily blogs to four photos, does mean that many do not actually make it although all are kept. There is nearly a 1000 now in the cycling folder and they are certainly good to look back on.

Lakeside track

An excellent cycle/path way that runs from the side of the lake near the town centre for about 3/4 miles to the Redwoods. Surprisingly, not too many people were using it, not bikes at least.

Princes Gate Hotel

The oldest hotel in Rotorua, this is right near to the info centre and Government Gardens. It was here that my son got his first job when he emigrated. 

Redwood Forest

A mecca for outdoor types this forest, about 3 miles from Rotorua attracts many visitors, both from home and abroad.

Biker Trail

This was seen at the start of one of the bike trails from the mountain bike centre in the Redwoods.

One path, two sides

Hard to believe this is the same path taken from the same position. On the one side an industrial site, on the other, a peaceful mountain scene.

Back to Blighty tomorrow. Have to start thinking about thermals, long cycling bottoms, winter gloves and balaclavas. It will be a struggle getting back into the swing of things and pushing up the miles from 20/25 a week to 100. I like a challenge though!

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