Tuesday, 14 January 2014

14th January 2014 Newbold Comyn Cruise

Back in the UK and the first trip out today. And what do I find out there, potholes and ice! Certainly was spoilt cycling in the land of the long white cloud. (From the Maori 'Aotearoa', the name for New Zealand). Having said that, it was good to get back on my road bike after 3 weeks on a mountain bike, seemed to fly along the roads. Disappointing though having to wear as many clothes this morning as I took on holiday with me. Or so it seemed.
A bit of a significant anniversary today, 19 years since I suffered a brain haemorrhage. Luckily, a team of doctors, led by Dr James Byrne at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, sorted me out with a new technique using non invasive surgery. Thanks to them I have been out on this ride today.

The Oak Inn

One photo today, too cold to stop and mess about. I went on a route I use a lot when time is limited, from home into Warwick, through Leamington to the east, and ride through Newbold Comyn before returning.
On the way, just for the ex pats who read this, this is the Oak Inn in Radford Road. Now being converted to a Sainsbury's mini market.

The former Oak Inn

Here is one I took 12 months ago, at the same time bemoaning the delapidated state it was in. End of an era.

A nice bimble round the town, taking care around the potholes and the icy patches. Arrived back, unscathed, after 13 miles.


  1. Thanks Ken, I hope to catch up with you in the summer of 2015 when I visit Leamington Spa as part of a friendship exchange tour to Canada.