Sunday, 24 November 2013

24th November 2013 Solihull Stroll

Seeking out pastures new today. Rode into Warwick, caught the train to Solihull and rode back home via Knowle, Chadwick End and Beausale.  The GPS map looks a little odd, the phone was paused at Warwick Station and reactivated at Solihull. The GPS has still tracked between the two stations and is shown as a dead straight line. Don't tell anyone, but I did not pay the £5.10 rail fare. The ticket office was closed and a sign said use the nearby machine. That was broken. Quite a few folk were using their cameras to record the sign, I presume as proof as to why they did not have a ticket. 

Solihull Town

The train station is only a short distance from the main square and despite being a Sunday, was full of shoppers. This is one of the entrances to Mell Square, in the heart of the town.

Hidden Statues!

Part of the reason for this ride today was to capture the statues of children seen at one end of Mel Square. When I got there, the area had been barricaded off and a big Christmas tree erected right in front of them. You can see them on the left of the picture.

Bridge over the M40

Leaving Solihull to go south, the old Warwick Road has been split by the M42. This very pleasant little bridge, with a spiral ramp up to it makes a bit of a change from the norm. Nice autumn colours as well.

Ornate gate

Carrying on towards Knowle, past the M42 is a very up market residential area. These wrought iron gates, with floral design are, to my thinking, a little over the top. I can imagine the owner of the property saying, "Pretentious? Moi". Another thing, they could do with a a good scrub with some soap and water.

The GPS on my phone recorded 30.9 miles. In actual fact, take off the train journey it was just over 18. Suprisingly, it recorded the extra 12 miles although it was on pause.

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