Tuesday, 12 November 2013

12th November 2013 Langley Lope

Best laid plans of mice and men! Was supposed to be going with Graham for a 50 miler today but needed to get some stuff done first thing so had to shelve that. Went out on my own about 11 o'clock and did a decent circuit through Beausale, Rowington, Claverdon, Langley, through Norton Lindsey to Wellesbourne and back home through Barford and Warwick. Seemed to be more against the wind today which, despite the sunshine, made it a bit colder than I like. C'est la vie.

Rowington Club

Formerly Rowington Mens Club. They keep up with the times now and allow women, children, and dogs in! Some of the club's bigger events, such as the annual Beer and Music Festival and Marrow Sunday are open to the public. Although it is a private members club, anyone can join for just £20 per year.  Good location, right next to Rowington Cricket Club.

Ye olde Blacksmiths

In Church Road Claverdon, at the junction with the Warwick Road is this old building. A one time blacksmiths, it now sells wood burning stoves. The horseshoe shaped door is an unusual feature.

Hanging bikes

A bit further along the Warwick road, next to the Crown Inn, this house sports two road bikes hanging from an end wall. Must be a story behind this but unfortunately there was no-one around to ask. The black one is a Falcoln, the other is a Peugot. Both are in need of some serious TLC.

Norton Lindsey sign

This sign started me on the road to this blog when its unusual design struck me, back in August 2012 when I took the first photo. This one is 803 later. The sign itself is dedicated to Queen Victoria with the dates of her birth and reign carved on the base. For those unfamiliar with the location, the road going off into the distance leads to Warwick and the first 3/4 mile is downhill. I like that road!  I didn't take that one today though, headed towards Charlecote and Wellesbourne instead where tea and cake were sampled at the airfield cafe.

Good ride today, 39 miles in total. A bit of a milestone today as well. Going through Lowsonford, the total miles covered since starting this cycling malarkey reached 6000.

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