Monday, 11 November 2013

11th November 2013 Leamington Loop

Combined errands with a ride today. Chatted with my friend Graham this morning, far too wet for a decent ride today so, weather permitting, we are going to push for a 50 miler tomorrow. That being the case, not going to do much today and with errands to do, that fits in nicely.

The rain eased off after lunch and I went to the doctors for a health check. The NHS offer free checks, to males over 65, for aortic aneurysms, very common in males of that age group. The ultra sound was done and thankfully, all is clear. At my age, nothing untoward is going to happen to my aorta. Hooray for that.
I did call at the Leamington war memorial to get a picture of the poppies laid on Remembrance Day, only to find the camera did not have a memory card in it. "Golly gosh", I exclaimed, "What a silly billy I am."  So no photos today folks.
Visited by brother and sister in Whitnash and made it home just before lights were needed. Very mild out there and at 4.30 nearly dark.
The result was a fairly easy 15 miles, a perfect set up for tomorrow.

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