Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8th October 2013 Conker Alley Circuit

Not going too far today, my ham string is niggling a bit, no idea why, so a gentle spin out around Leamington will do. A really nice sunny morning, make the most of this as the forecast later this week is not good. Two things to do today, make an apology and carry out a mission of mercy.

A humble apology.

To the Water Board worker who was slated last week for not letting me through his roadworks and adding 2 miles to my journey. I thought he was being unreasonable in stopping me carry my bike over the grass verge near some maintenance works at a flooded road. Going past the same spot today, but from a different direction, I can see the verge on the right hand side has all been dug up so there was no way past the site without getting very wet feet. Sorry mate.

Conker Alley

Or Northumberland Road Leamington to be precise. A schoolboy's paradise at this time of year. A very exclusive road this, in the north of Leamington, and the mile long road is lined with horse chestnut trees. After a bit of wind the road and verge can be a real carpet of conkers. By chance, I needed conkers as my daughter was after some. Certain folk relate that conkers, if placed in the corners of rooms, will keep spiders at bay. As my daughter detests the eight legged ones she was after some so, Dad, being Dad, collected some this morning and stuffed about a dozen through her letter box. (She will have a surprise when she gets home from work tonight.) I have researched the myth on the interweb and the jury seems to be out on this one with a fifty fifty split as to the effectiveness of the theory. The Royal Society of Chemists are in on the act, trying to identify what the smell could be and how it could deter spiders, so serious minds behind this. Watch this space.

A steady 11.5 miles today. Don't want to upset the hamstring.


  1. Count me among your overseas readers who enjoys seeing the sights of your area.

    1. Just seen this! Thanks for the comment.