Tuesday, 27 August 2013

27th August 2013 Yew Tree Yomp

Back in early June, the ESCC went for a ride out to the Alnes near Alcester. On the way back, we called at the Yew Tree Farm Centre where we had a snack. At the time, we were not at all impressed with the service we had and commented about it at the time. This was a tea spot we were going to cross off our list.
Today, Graham and I went for a spin and we agreed to give this place another go.

Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre

Situated on the Stratford side of Wootton Wawen, the craft centre is a renovated farmyard and offers all sorts of retail attractions ranging from clothing, book, craft and pet shops among many others. Just off the main Birmingham Stratford Road,  it is a short walk from the canal system. The Navigation Inn is also very near.
We gave the cafe, sorry, tea room, another try and found the service a 100% improvement from last time we were here. Just an impression that cyclists were not welcome. Just saying.
Now, if you want a posh, one off, chair for your conservatory, try this wheel seat, only £299

Metal Moo Cow

At another craft centre you could get a coloured metal cow or dog. Ideal for the hallway to keep burglars at bay.

Wooden trees

Or a tree made out of wood! Durr! There is an elephant in there somewhere as well.


I should have asked what these were all about. Not sure if they were stored for the winter or just an arty way of making a wall.

A good ride today, a nice big loop around Claverdon area, 26 miles all told. A bit chilly first thing but brightened up nicely as we were on the way back. Autumn is around the corner!

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