Thursday, 1 August 2013

1st August 2013 Tysoe Trot

Out with the Emergency Services Cycling Club today. Decent turn out, 6 in all, heading for the tea rooms at Tysoe.

The Pelaton

Left Southam, Bishops Itchington, Gaydon, Kineton and south west towards Tysoe and Whatcote. This was taken on the road between Kineton and Whatcote as we bowled along in the summer sunshine. It was a bit breezy today but it was a warm wind which made the ride more pleasant. I did my best to keep one hand on the handlebars when taking this but failed.

Tysoe Police House

Well ex Police House, I think it was the house on the right. What a stunning location. In its day it would have had a Police Crest on the outside wall and the villagers would have a central reference point, day or night, to call upon. A little bit better than being held in a queue on a telephone for ages.

Tysoe Tea Rooms

The motley crew after being fed and watered. From the left, Andy with my bike, Alan, Graham, John and Ian, a newcomer on his first ride today with us.
The tea rooms themselves are quite charming and provide good food and a friendly face. It adjoins the village shop and is well worth a visit. You can tell by the brickwork that Tysoe is on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Natural Burial Ground

This is just east of Tysoe and is in a lovely location at the foot of the Edge Hills. The Sun Rising web site states that this, " is a burial ground of exceptional peace, chosen by those wishing to be laid to rest in the beauty and serenity of nature, and those seeking a genuine environmentally ethical option."
Only native trees and flowers are allowed to be planted, and headstones and memorials ate very carefully managed. I'm not quite ready for this yet, but may give it some consideration in 30 years time!

Gated Road

One of the joys of riding off the beaten track is gated roads. This is on the minor road between Knightcote and Bishops Itchington on the Hambridge Road. I think the farmer had been moving livestock about and there were two gates blocking the way. We soon undid the string (very hi tech these farmers) and got through them. 

An excellent ride today in beautiful weather, and countryside, and in good company. I clocked up 34.5 miles today and we finished where we started, at Andy's house. Thanks for the route Andy, a good one, and bigger thanks for the tea and walnut and date cake at the end. Ten out of ten.

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