Monday, 29 July 2013

29th July 2013 Draycote Dash

Out with a mate today, Graham. It has been a target of ours for some time to ride to Draycote Water, a large, man made, reservoir near Rugby.  Today is the day. I met Graham in Cubbington and we went out through Hunningham,  Birdingbury to Draycote and returned back via Long Itchington.

Birdingbury Club

Originally a school in the mid 19th Century, this building closed in 1935, as a school, as there were only 4 pupils. It was then adapted in the the village hall. At one time boasting a post office, a garage, and a shop, these have all left the village as the mobility of the residents improved.

Birdingbury Station

This closed in 1959 and has been converted to a residential property. We were travelling down the disused railway when this was taken. Just over the hedge, on the left, the original platform is still intact and, out of shot, to the left, is the old signal box. Graham waiting patiently just up ahead.

Manor Cottage

A novel way to decorate your front garden. Sorry about the contrasty photo, but the sun was dappling well through through the trees.  

Draycote Water

Our turn round point. We had to stop in the tea room for the obligatory tea and scone. Very pleasant sat on the first floor balcony watching the wild fowl on the water.

Unfortunately, it was a head wind on the way back but not too bad. Totalled 32.5 miles in all.

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