Saturday, 27 July 2013

27th July 2013 Festival Fun

The trip out today includes a ride (albeit very slowly) through Warwick Town as 34th Annual Folk Festival is in full swing.  Morris Dancers, folk bands, shanty singers and folk rock, all combine to make this a world famous folk festival.

The Busker

Warwick Town was packed. Many streets were closed off for the festival, so taking a bike into the heart of the action was not a real option.  By East Gate, this lady was busking for charity and was playing, I think, an alto sax. She had her music and she knew all the right notes. Unfortunately, they were not all in the right order. I think I recognised one of the tunes she was trying to play.

Morris Dancers

These two characters were from the Chinewrde Morris Group. They do the North West Clog dance and are based in Kenilworth.  Morris dancing is essentially an English pastime although there are groups scattered around the world. It originated, in Britain, in the 13th and 14th Century and involves dancing to traditional folk dancing. If you have never seen it,  I suggest you 'You Tube' it to get the full flavour of what these guys get up to.


These two are also from the Chinewrde group and were waiting to accompany the dancers. The drummer asked me to point out that he is wearing a Tour de France pin badge he bought in France when he was cheering Chris Froome to victory. Respect to him.  It is the small yellow jersey on the right side of his waistcoat. If you read this Mr Drummer, there you are, done it. Leave a comment if you did.

No more frivolities, on with the ride. Went out to Barford and returned on a new route through Hampton on the Hill. A pleasant 15 miles in the sun. 

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