Saturday, 6 July 2013

5th July 2013 Dragonboat Dash

Somebody told me this morning that there was dragonboat racing in Warwick Park today. Sounds like a photo op. to me whilst out riding. On the way there, I remonstrated with a motorist who had parked totally on the footpath/cycle path near to Gaveston Island. The obstruction meant getting off the bike, into the face of oncoming traffic. I was miffed. Not as much the driver though. He explained that he had broken down on his way to a wedding in Derby that started at 5pm. I saw him at 3.30pm and he was waiting for a recovery truck and a hire car. I wished him the best of luck as I rode off! He wasn't there when I came back an hour later. Wonder if he made it?


There seemed to be a lull in proceedings in St Nicholas Park as the dragonboats were all moored up. One of the attendants obliged by holding the bike for the photo.  There was some sort of corporate event on, where businesses and local organisations challenged each other over a two day period. Not just on the river though, there were other events taking place at Warwick University.

Warwick Pedalo

The local boat hire place is closed during this event and I think they took the chance to display some of the different boats that can be hired. This dragon was being left alone whilst the red swan had kids crawling all over it. Best not take pictures of that then.

High Street Closure

Carried on then down the Myton Road, heading for Newbold Comyn to turn round. There is a big road closure at High Street in Leamington so that contractors can change the dilapidated sewer pipes. This is phase one, which will last a few months, and is causing major disruption in the town. Phase two will be even worse as the whole junction will be closed.  Cyclists are exempt from the chaos of course.

A fairly lazy ride today, 13 miles in glorious sunshine. On track for the century this week as well.

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