Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July 2013 River revisited

Another glorious day. I think a revisit to St Nicholas Park in Warwick to try and capture the Dragonboats better. Need to do 13 miles to complete the 100 for the week so a nice easy mooch today.

Leamington Canoe Club

Doing the Newbold Comyn circuit in reverse today for a change and that took me along the banks of the River Leam. The canoe club was out in force practicing staying upright and dry, so stopped to capture a picture of their HQ.

Lord Mayor of Coventry

Back into Warwick and into St Nicholas Park to see what the dragonboats are up to today.  I spotted a civic dignitary watching the proceedings, and invited him onto this blog. It was Councillor Gary Crookes, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, and he was attending to cheer on and give support to the Coventry team that had entered. I don't know how they finished up, but fair play to the Mayor for attending what must be one of the more pleasant functions of his tenure.

Dragonboat ready

This team, don't ask me who they were representing, were in the last stages of lift off.  They had some good coaching and they were all advised to work together and follow the beat of the drum. The practise run they had up to the start line was not very convincing and the rhythm they kept during the actual race left a awful lot to be desired. I didn't think that putting a paddle into water on the beat of a drum would be that hard. They came second out of two.

Race to the finish

Two teams in action. The front boat had got their act together and were very synchronised. The second boat turned up!  That said, a good time was had by all, it was all played out in a very sporty atmosphere, and the sun shone on everyone.

Did 15.3 miles today which pass the weekly target.  I think a day off is called for tomorrow ahead of a possible long ride on Tuesday.

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