Friday, 5 July 2013

5th July 2013 Charlecote Circuit

What a good ride this was. Started out just after 9 and set out to do a non stop circuit of Charlecote, around 20 miles, with hills, as phase two of 'Operation Tickover.'  It was a glorious summer morning, and apart from obligatory stops at traffic lights (and a phone call from my sister) went round it in one go, forsaking a diversion to Wellesbourne Airfiled Cafe. This is getting serious!
Checking the results on my phone afterwards, I did the best average speed, 13.6 mph and apart from a slightly niggly right knee, no after effects.
This gives me confidence for a long ride planned next Tuesday with the ESCC.
Of course, non stop means no photographs, so to rest your tired eyes, here are a couple from the start of this blogging venture.

Victoria Statue Leamington Spa

This was taken on the 23rd Sept last year.

Coventry Cathedral

Taken on the 27th Sept 2012. First really longish run I had done.

Chuffed (For readers in the USA - pleased) with today's outing. Sunshine, little wind, a good performance and the knees seem OK.   21.1 miles at a reasonable pace makes a blogger happy!

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